The Fruit of Longsuffering - Part 2

Patience is a virtue we should all develop.

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Through Trials and Tribulation

The Fruit of Longsuffering - Part 1

Building Project - Part 2

Perspectives in Adversity

What Predator Lives in Your Backyard?

Who is lurking about to trip you up?

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Fight The Good Fight

We are in a spiritual warfare. At times the battles may seem overwhelming. But God promises never to leave us.                                                            ...

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The Storms of Life Are Only a Test

What we go through in life is to strengthen us

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Let There Be Peace in The World

The world is filled with turmoil. But in the future, God will bring real peace to this this chaotic world by the return of  the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. 

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Am I Spiritually Fit Today if Tomorrow Never Comes

As we have no promise of Tomorrow, do we have the spiritual tools we need to be ready if tomorrow never comes?

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